Next to Normal

As some of you will know, Next to Normal would have opened this weekend just gone.

I haven’t posted on the cancellation of the show yet because I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to say and, to be honest, was for some time too emotional to speak about it.

Please know we are still grieving the loss of this show, the loss of the opportunity to tell this beautiful and important story.

I want to thank our director, Tyran Park, for remaining so passionate about the show that never was, except in his own exceptional imagination, and supporting us through the last couple of months. His love of the show and his cast has not waned.

I also want to thank my on-stage mother, Michelle Doake, whose friendship has been invaluable as we dealt with the emotional and professional challenges that come with losing a show.

This must sound like we are speaking of the passing of a dearly loved friend or family member. Well, that’s what it feels like. We even had a wake. There was wine and cheese and a good deal of crying.

Much love to everyone who has kept and still keeps the faith in this little gem of musical theatre, Next to Normal. I honestly believe our production had the potential to change the face of musicals in Australia forever, to bring the genre the respect it deserves, both from the public and in the industry.

Erica. xxx