Dry July

Hi everyone!

For the second year running I am participating in Dry July. As many of you will know, the principle is that we give up our wine/beer/spirits etc for a month, in the name of charity. Specifically, in the name of cancer research and treatment.

All donations made to my campaign will go to Calvary Mater Newcastle.

Why do I do Dry July?

It’s a family thing. My beautiful grandfather, Donald Langoulant, passed away in 2008. He was diagnosed with lung cancer some ten years earlier, but surgery saved him. His second diagnosis scared us because the cancer had come back as an inoperable clump pressing on an artery. But Don, ever optimistic, soldiered on through the chemo and the radio and the cancer disappeared. He was just beginning to enjoy his recovery when doctors found secondary brain mets. He passed away six weeks later.

Three years later to the day, his beautiful wife, my gorgeous tiny Nanna, was a little spooked to be going in to hospital to have her own cancer removed. The operation was routine, the prognosis good. Tragically, she died three days later after battling a fierce infection she contracted in hospital. We’re still coming to terms with the sudden and unexpected loss of our little fairy Nanna Kay.

I urge you all to get on board with this great event, as a sponsor or a participant. Donations are tax deductible.

Nanna and Don were great lovers of a glass of wine with the ABC news in the evenings. I’m not sure how they’d feel about me giving up my evening ritual for any reason at all, to be honest. But I think cancer research and treatment is a good one.

What’s the statistic? One in three Australians are affected by cancer in one way or another? I dearly hope this is the end of my experience with this insidious disease.