Ordinary Days

“While all members of the cast deliver exceptional performances, it is Erica Lovell’s Deb that will steal hearts and perhaps the entire show. In turns abrasive and vulnerable, she is wickedly funny and helplessly lovable. It is almost inconceivable that her music theatre career began in 2008; she is one of the most exciting performers I’ve seen of late on Sydney stages.” – Cassie Tongue, AussieTheatre.Com

“Lovell’s hilarious, yet honest and vulnerable portrayal is a big part of that success, perfectly embodying the frustrated spirit of a terminally captive New Yorker…” – Christian Baines, SameSame.Com.Au

“Erica Lovell has a terrific set of pipes!” – Gareth Beal, ArtsHub.Com.Au

“Erica Lovell is an impressive young talent with a big, big Broadway Belt voice, and a bewitching flair for comedy.” – Neil Litchfield, StageWhispers.Com.Au

“Lovell is laugh-out-loud funny as the angry, self-absorbed graduate student. Her Dear Professor Thompson was a standout.” – Deborah FitzGerald, AustralianStage.Com.Au